Medical Cannabis Recommendation

If you are seeking legal access to Medical Cannabis/ Grow Cannabis or just wanted to learn more about the various advantages of Medical Cannabis, the Doctors in OCCC are most willing and eager to guide and help you. The Doctors in OCCC usually accommodate new patients for Medical Cannabis Recommendation, Recommendation to Grow, and Patients for renewal.

Patients who visit the office for Medical Cannabis Recommendation for the first time are required to present their legal Identification Card. This ID can be State I.D, Driver License, or Passport. OCCC makes sure that Patients who consult for Medical Cannabis do not have any DUI record. Otherwise, such is a sufficient ground for automatic rejection or will not be accommodated. There are various internal office forms that Patient should fill out before Doctor’s consultation.

On the other hand, Patients who visit OCCC for renewal are required only to present or show their expired Medical Cannabis Recommendation, valid State ID, and pay the necessary fee.
Medical Cannabis Patients have the option to avail Medical Cannabis ID with Recommendation or just simply the Cannabis Recommendation itself. More so, this program or service being offered in OCCC is solely and strictly for adult patients only.

Minors who are diagnosed and treated with Medical Cannabis are advised and encouraged to see other Doctors or can make an appointment with our Doctors for further education or consultation.

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