General Adult Medical Care & PICC Mid-Line Insertion

General Adult Medical Care:

Adults in general face various and unique health issues as they age. General Adult Medical Care is a service/program caters to Patients who are eighteen (18) years of age and older with a variety of general medical needs.

It includes annual Physical Examinations, Holistic Preventive Medical Care, Health Education, Medical Health Risk Reduction Strategies and Lifestyle Training, Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Illnesses, and other General Medical Concerns.

PICC LINE (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line):

OC Comprehensive Care offers PICC Line for both Patients and Health Care Professionals, specifically Registered Nurse (RN) and other Health Care personnel. It is an in-house program, however;outside service is possible once necessary arrangements have been made.

For PICC Line education, the following objectives should be accomplished or met:

  1. Types of PICC Lines
  2. Ordering PICC Line Process (forms to use and patient education materials)
  3. General PICC maintenance and care
  4. Different types of PICC occlusion Different types of thrombotic catheter occlusion

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