ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, & Depression Evaluation

ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, & Depression Evaluation

In OC Comprehensive Care (OCCC), New Patients who visit the clinic for ADD, ADHD, ANXIETY, and DEPRESSION EVALUATION are required to sign and fill out the internal office forms regarding the nature of their consultation. On the other hand, Patients who visit the Office for follow-ups can either make an appointment or just simply walk-in.

adhd treatmentThe rule is, they should be visiting the office once a month and the Administrative Medical Assistants give them a call either two (2) to three (3) days to remind them about their due visit. Patients with appointments are being processed or prepared right away by the Administrative Medical Assistants. After the Doctor’s evaluation, they are given new prescription.

It is religiously observed in OCCC that patients who are taking prescribe medications should undergo drug testing to determine the validity and to confirm that they have such medication on their system. Otherwise, if the Doctors discovered upon consultation that they are just “pseudo patients” after verifying the result of the tests, Doctors may charge them reasonable fee.

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